French Macarons Invade Screens

French Macarons Invade Screens, these cookies was born in Italy, this is the first concept to point out. They was introduced by the Caterina de Medici in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d’Orleans. Infact the word “macaron” has the same root of the word “macaroni” one of the several Italian kind of “Pasta”.

The objective of this post is not put in competition Italian and French Pastry. Different cuisines and different cultures with many intersections. See wikipedia to read about the history of Macarons.
What I wish to emphasize is that the original Maracons were simple cookies.
Today, the macarons are everywhere: foodbloggers, television programs and social networks are now infested by the French Macarons.
I use the term infested” because I think the French macarons are too colorful. The feeling is that the success of French Macarons resulting from their garish colors and more. The colors of the French Macarons are so bright that they are beautiful objects to photograph and shoot video. French Macarons are pure Food Design.
It seems to me that the French Macarons are the props, perfect for display on the screens of all sizes (Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, TV, pastry shop windows etc …).
I do not believe that the growing success of these sweets is linked to their taste. I believe that this is a purely aesthetic phenomenon but not synaesthetic.
The aesthetics of Macarons conveys purely visual information. Probably they are very good and they definitely like a lot. But if they not had the chance to have those so vivid colors, today Macaros would be one of the many pastries.

At this point I think it is necessary to understand why the Aesthetic is invading more and more widely across all sectors. We can say that Aesthetics is invading the other Senses. Today, we eat with our eyes. All this is caused by the fact that it is not possible to transmit the flavors via the Internet? I think the reason is deeper. As I said in my previous post, the problem lies in the fact that science has given top priority to the eye. Comments are always welcome: Hurrah for French Macarons!

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Alberto Cecchi

Educational Consulting, international academic relations. Researcher in the new media, design and social media. Specialties: 15 years of experience as Lecturer at the Universities of Urbino and Perugia, Multimedia Design and Computer Science. Author of Books and Articles about Design, New Media, Internet Security Education (History of Cryptography).

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