Food Design across Science and New Media

Food Design is not a stand alone world. There is a phenomenon that can help us think about the success of aesthetics in food.

New Media are affected from Science where Visibility got highest priory in the latest decades.

There are numerous examples in which we can infer that science gives a high priority to the concept of visibility: Other categories like Taste, Sound and Touch have a lower priority in the science pratice.

The scientists have developed instruments capable of observing the infinitesimal details of the matter and the phenomena related to it. The observation of an event is recorded and analyzed in all its aspects with infinite precision.
Visibility is the category with the highest priority in most of the scientific disciplines. The phenomena are discovered, patients are under observation, the robot must be on Mars to observe and to send to scientists images. The emblematic and enigmatic case that confirms this finding is the Visible Human Project.

The story of Visible Human Project is amazing and emblematict: a condemned man who donated his body to science, and then after the execution of the sentence was frozen.

Subsequently the body was cut into slices axial thickness of three millimeters along its entire height. Each slice was obtained accurately scanned and digitized. Today these images are sold online and some can be downloaded via the Internet.

The images of the Visible Human Project (VHP) are used by many creative for the production of websites and videos. The purpose, highly scientific and panoptic, of the VHP project has been very successful: those same images were recycled and integrated into the audiovisual and multimedia productions.

We cannot define the food design as a predominantly mono-sensory topic linked to taste.

But even in the food design&aesthetics are taking on greater importance.

With this article I will not take a position. I just did the “comments”. I would love to receive feedback and comments from visitors to the blog.

Is it Food Design connected to Science of Vision? Kindly help me to think about it!

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Alberto Cecchi

Educational Consulting, international academic relations. Researcher in the new media, design and social media. Specialties: 15 years of experience as Lecturer at the Universities of Urbino and Perugia, Multimedia Design and Computer Science. Author of Books and Articles about Design, New Media, Internet Security Education (History of Cryptography).

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